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3 June 2013

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19 September 2008

Recent Comments

Loner on dance
Fantastic shot !!!!

valenttin on portrait
tu me manque...

Liz Kasper on moldau
Amazing shot!!

LCImagery on portrait
Excellent capture portraying excellent detail!

Lee on portrait
A marvelous portrait of this dove. Very detailed. You can see the layering in it's feathers.

Hiro on portrait
Nice capture of beautiful detail !

lucid on portrait
Great composition and focus!

Loner on portrait
You take a photo not only of white roses so wonderfully, but also white pigeons - congratulates!

Phil on rosy
hello, very nice !!

Mr Tambourine on portrait
GREAT CLOSE-UP! very appropriate depth of field!

romine on portrait
excellent details. well done

raha on flower in bw.

zOOm on portrait
Cute ! Nice close-up.

kerfendal on portrait
very realistic, perfect definition

Onlymehdi on portrait
beautiful. such great details

Lee on rosy
I like the way you have captured the layers of petals in this rose. The edges are crisp and well defined. Very good job.

Alun on rosy
really lovey shot

Onlymehdi on rosy

Hiro on rosy
Nice macro. Nice focus.

Veronelle on rosy
super classe

k@ on rosy
What a great delicacy in this image, love how you framed it ~ 

Monique on rosy
Lovely DOF, it compliments the softness of the rose.

kerfendal on rosy
so perfect

zOOm on rosy
Great mono and macro. Perfect DOF.

valenttin on rosy
wonderful(s) yours bw...

Loner on rosy
A beautiful picture - well done !

Onlymehdi on another bw
i came back to this because i love the color <<<-- ironic

Onlymehdi on another bw
Great shot

Onlymehdi on another bw
WOW i think i am kinda back to look at these beautiful photos. thank you for your support. will soon make my own ...

kisskool on another bw
magnifique b&w!

kerfendal on another bw
very good composition and light

Lee on another bw
Another b&w maybe. But this one is even better than the first. I like your processing of this shot.

Dulcie on another bw
An intense macro. I really like the shapes...and they show up well in B&W.

Loner on Benedek
What a nice portrait from this wonderful little child !

Alun on another bw
really lovely light

valenttin on another bw

Chris Parr on flower in bw.
Wonderful dark tones. I love the "roughness" of this image.

Lee on flower in bw.
Susch crisp edges and soft petals. A fantastic b&w.

Alun on flower in bw.
very nice mono shot

Hiro on *
Nice macro shot !

Alun on *
really lovely light

Akihiro on *
Great shot! Beautiful composition!

Lee on Benedek
So peaceful and quiet. Such a tender shot. Your composition is superb.

Claudia on Benedek

Veronelle on Benedek
lovely baby !

Calusarus on Benedek
A cute little one

Hiro on Benedek
So cute ! It warms my heart.

Hiro on dear deer
Really cute deer. Congratulation.

Dawn on dear deer
Perfect capture and perfect composition!! Excellent!!

Lee on dear deer
A super catch. You caught her looking right into the lens. Well done.

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